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Welcome to our Website!  We carry a large variety of skin care products and vitamins.  Our collection includes the follow skin care lines.


  • CLAYTON SHAGAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS - La Maison Clayton Shagal, who is internationally renowned for his high quality Collagen, offers you a simple and effective way to suspend time with a high quality anti-aging skin care line for men and women. Effective, anti-aging solution formulated to reduce the signs of aging as well as cure several skin damage problems. This product not only nourishes your skin but its active anti-aging ingredients restore your skin's ability to ward off the aging process and maintain healthy, fresh-looking ...
  • ROSA GRAF SKIN CARE PRODUCTS - Bringing out the best in natural beauty has always been the aim of Rosa Graf . This professional product line is used in our clinic and in the best health and beauty spas throughout the world. Recommended by dermatologists and clinicians, these are exceptional products for all skin types and needs.
  • PHYTO SINTESI SKIN CARE PRODUCTS - Its products are based on natural active ingredients derived from plants, seaweed and other natural sources. They are rich in amino acids, vitamins, lipids and moisturising complexes that are absolutely essential for maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. Prevent wrinkles.
  • MARY COHR SKIN CARE PRODUCTS-  Mary Cohr treatment products are the fruit of the life sciences and are formulated by a laboratory at the cutting edge of cosmetology. ... continually evaluates the new active ingredients arising out of recent scientific advances to improve the formulations and the effectiveness of Mary Cohr skin treatments. Lavender, Sage, and Rosemary are only three of the best anti-aging ingredients used in Mary Cohr's products. Plant-based with a mix of scientific technology, Mary Cohr has worked for over 30 years in the skin care line and is recognized as one of the most respected names in skincare.

  • THE ENZYMACID TREATMENT - Surfacing Peeling Technology! The exfoliation "accelerated" to make a new skin
    Enhance the radiance of the complexion with PERFECTION, our skin whitening treatment program. These skin care products feature 3 active ingredients and 3 actions.
    1/ A genetic action: the color of the skin is written deep down in our genes and it is genetically predefined. We have used a combination of ingredients that can reduce the formation of new pigmentation spots.
    2/ A depigmenting action: an intensive action which also enables working on the surface of the skin by lightening brown spots that are already visible.
    3/ A protective action: the presence of sun filters in many of the products of this skin care range protects the skin and makes it safe to be exposed to UV rays in a permanent way.
    PERFECTION enables to effectively regulate the skin color and lighten the face, while correcting localized pigmentation spots.
  • Like our Guests, our products and skin care programs are unique. Delivering honest results from your Skin Care experts for real women and men. Come visit us today at our Markham, Ontario Spa location or visit us online. 

We provide cutting edge products including professional skin care lines.


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