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Cool Shape




  • CoolShape is an FDA-approved non-surgical fat reduction device that uses precisely controlled cooling to eliminate fat cells.
  • CoolShape is not a treatment for obesity; instead, it is designed for spot treatment of "problem" areas such as love handles, back fat, bra rolls, and stomach rolls.
  • A typical CoolShape session lasts 60 minutes.
  • During the procedure, the doctor gently pinches the fatty area between the CoolShape applicator arms. The applicator then cools the area to a temperature that causes the fat cells to crystallize and die, but which does not harm surrounding tissue.

The CoolShape applicator is applied to the area of unwanted local fat. The typical zones treated include the abdomen, both lower and upper, as well as the hip and flanks. Once the appropriate parameters for the CoolShape are entered, the device will gently suck the unwanted fat up into the CoolShape chamber. The temperature within the chamber is then dropped below freezing which results in lowering the temperature in the fat cell to the point where the fat cell is actually disabled and undergoes a permanent death cycle as a response to the cold exposure. This process of CoolShape  induced freezing and fat cell death is called Cryolipolysis. Up to 22% of the fat cells exposed to the “freezing” will result in a permanent death of the fat cell, fat reduction and body contouring improvement. In general, 12 weeks after one treatment will result in a noticeable body contouring and fat reduction. Many Toronto Non-surgical and fat reduction patients often sign up for another treatment or two.

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