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 Who Can Benefit from Botulinum Toxin treatment???



Each person's unique physiology may impact their eligibility for Botulinum Toxin treatmet, but factors such as skin condition or elasticity and age can often determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure.  If you have any of the following, you may benefit from this procedure:


.  Looking angry and tired

.  Crow's feet, forehead wrinkles

.  Frown lines, laugh lines or neck folds

.  Migraines

.  Profuse underarm sweating

Are you tired of the wrinkles and frown lines around your eyes, eyebrows and forehead?  Lost faith in over-the counter wrinkle creams, lotions and spa treatments?  Sometimes even a healthy diet and rigorous exercise routine won't eliminate those inevitable signs of aging.  It's time to stop getting, and looking frustrated!  Small doses of Botulinum Toxin can help eliminate your unwanted facial wrinkles and lines, refreshing your appearance and making you look and feel younger within minutes.



A small dose of Botulinum Toxin injected into the muscles that cause stubborn lines and wrinkles, can have an amazing impact on your appearance.  Your frown lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging will be virtually eliminated. No surgery. No scars. Just smoother skin and more radiant appearance.  Patients usually leave with natural looking beautifully restored skin.

Depending on your preferences and the extent of your correction, you treatment can be as fast as ten minutes.  You will already start to see the results in two to three days.  Since discomfort is minimal no sedative or local anaesthetic is need for Botulinum Toxin treatments.  And you will not experience any down time -- you can return to work or home immediately following treatment.  Your softer, more relaxed appearance will usually last three to four months.  But don't worry, you can simply retun to our clinic for another quick an simple treatment any time.


Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation for Botulinum Toxin treatment in our clinic.  Restore your natural beauty.

TEach unit of Botulinum if $10 (special) and the number of units required depends on the desired effect.

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