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Rosa Graf Skin Care > Golden Line Serum - 30 ml (Mature/Dry Skin)
Golden Line Serum - 30 ml (Mature/Dry Skin)

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Golden Line Bioflavon Serum - This high quality preparation on a hyaluronic acid base, is a special active substance
concentrate for the treatment of atrophic skin. It is the main constituent of GOLDEN LINE treatment in salons, but can
also be used in home treatment for achieving visible results in the shortest possible time. The Bioflavone Serum contains
isoflavonoides,vitamin A and fruit acid as active constituents. Isoflavonoides are vegetable-based constituents, which have
a similar effect to oestrogen. For this reason they are therefore also referred to as phyto-estrogens. In combination with vitamin A and fruitacid, they have a positive effect on the skin's light- induced ageing process. Vitamin A encourages the function of  the skin's enzymes, contributes towards a thickening of the epidermis and succeeds in regenerating skin that has
aged prematurely as a result of ultra violet radiation. The combination with fruit acid facilitates the penetration of the active substances, thereby increasing
their effectiveness.

Effective Ingredients - Isoflavonoide, Vitamin A, Fruit Acid 

Application - Following cleansing, spread the Bioflavone Serum over the face, neck and décolleté and massage in
gently. In order to obtain the optimum effect, the skin should be steamed for 10 minutes. During the first two weeks of the
GOLDEN LINE cure you should also provide use the bioflavone serum for treatment at home ..

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