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Rosa Graf Skin Care > Rosa Graf Forty+ Day Cream Protect 50 ml- discontinued
Rosa Graf Forty+ Day Cream Protect 50 ml- discontinued

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The Menopause is a difficult time for many women.  The quality and condition of your skin change over time.  When cell division slows down and cells are not renewed so frequently, we refer to "demanding" and "mature" skin.  Before and during the menopause, the body produces fewer female hormones which as a significant effect on the skin.  It loses its elasticity and becomes thinner and more wrinkled.  It has been shown that hormones from plants, so-call phytohormones, have a similar balancing effect to the body's own hormones, without the familiar unpleasant side effects.  The formula is called:  Rosa Graf Forty+ - to counteract the initial signs of hormone induced skin-ageing.

The fruit acid loosens dead cells an boosts the skin's metabolism and new cell formation.  The resistance of the skin is improved and it can store much more moisture.  This gives you the treatment method producing more youthful skin, a method which enables you to see a visible, structure-smoothing change to your skin immediately.

FORTY + Protect - This protective day cream contains separately liposomized UV-A and UV-B filters (SPF 17) to prevent the development of light-induced wrinkles.  The primary active ingredients are extract of soya and grape skin.  These give the skin a radiant, well groomed look during the day and reduce its moisture loss.

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